Learning to play the guitar


In the life of any person, even seriously occupied various urgent matters, iest place for music. The harmonious combination of sounds, which so pleases our ears and our soul, there probably always, and will continue to exist, perhaps, as much as there will be this universe. Music — this scale is extracted using special instruments. Today, one of the most popular insttool for operations is, of course, guitar. Should I remind you once again that in the modern mass art the guitar is used in almost any composition, regardless of genre. It can be used both for accompaniment and for solos (especially in rock music flamenco, jazz, etc.). Despite this, the process of learning to play the round ofARE quite capacious and easy. It requires regular training and improving skills. By the way, teaches the winner of many Russian and international competitions - Alexander Artyomov, but remember that the guitar - it is also a tool, a game where you can learn to calm himself. It may be, as the main occupation in life, and veryfavorite hobby. Modern man requires unloading and better holiday than the rest in the shower, with the understanding that you can perform your favorite hits, did not find. Learning to play the guitar - a complex sequential process consisting of several interrelated and mutually defining steps:

  • studybasic musical notation (without it difficult to learn to understand the melody in its entirety);
  • study of the structure of chords on the guitar fretboard location;
  • in the provisions of the body, hands, fingers;
  • learning basic and advanced methods and techniques of the game.

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