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Physiologically, the person receives information from the outside world through the so-called systemTopics of touch. There are five: sight, hearing, touch, taste, scent. The most valuable from the point of view, the number of perceived information is, of course, vision. According to different research results the human eye perceives an average of about 80% of all incoming information. No wonder they say, "better to see once than a hundred times uslyshat. "At a time when we can not see an objective source of information, any necessary information about it are learned by reading the written or printed information. This way of spreading the knowledge and information used since the invention of writing, and then the printing business. Relevant he is now, when qiFrova technologies are gradually replacing the material prints. Most of the content of any site that is text information that is created by people for people. In most cases, the attendance of any web site comes down to reading the information that is presented there. It is only logical that the turnout will be at that sites thatthe first has a unique text content (content). Why, for example, in school or university environment, when writing any essay, etc., were urged to use multiple sources of information? All this was done to ensure that the final text was not focused on any particular source, and was, in fact, unique, that is,st so that it would be interesting to read. When placing the content of Internet sites, you must consider how this principle is purely educational - interest - and mercantile principle of return (more readings, it means more visits to the site, and therefore the higher the income from his work). Therefore, the majority of website owners who really Sun.erez guided by these principles, check all content, that is, the text in the element of plagiarism - copying someone's ready-made ideas (in this case - the text). At the moment, developed and operates a variety of specialized services to check the uniqueness of the text. Five best rating (according to the search engine Google) services to themh as follows:

  • TEXT.RU - the most popular, free text analyzer for the presence of plagiarism. Used a modified unique method of analysis, including, as the spell checker and SEO;
  • FINDCOPY.RU (COPYLANCER.RU) - one of the most powerful services on simpleOrach Russian Internet;
  • ANTIPLAGIAT.RU - service that uses unique methods of domestic development;
  • Plagiarizma.Ru - service with a simple, intuitive interface;
  • eTXT Antiplagiat - service, which is a powerful link between soiskateLemma text and copywriter.

Well, if you checked your text on the uniqueness and it turned out that it does not meet your requirements, then you can help service:, experts will help you maximize your text unikalizirovat .

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