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Since the invention and the practical implementation of the idea of ??creating films has been passedmore than a century. During this time, much has changed. Starting with the Lumiere brothers, who, in fact, gave impetus to the development of cinema, it has evolved into a whole multi-faceted art (cinema). In comparison with the initial stage of development, not only increased the number of produced films, but also the number of genres of cinema. One onibolee interesting, unique and exciting kinozhanrov is considered to be a musical film. Its main feature is not the music itself (as music, in one form or another is present in every movie film), and acting, which in addition to traditional monologues and dialogues perform musical parts. Typically, these songsand have a clear integration into the overall storyline, as the text has a thematic sense, merging with the general course of the story. This genre can also include movies in which the main emphasis is not on the actors singing and dancing to the component. Set, at least classic films of the genre, in the plot based on the timeoperas or operettas personal (for example, the musical "Chicago," "Phantom of the Opera"). Although this does not mean a similar basic format of genre. In general, the script is not limited to the adaptation of operatic works, because music can put almost anyone, fabulous and a real story ("Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka"), the idea of ??professional musicians ("The Wall", "ANDJesus Christ - Superstar "," Red Rue "), as well as dance scenes (" Step Up, "" Boogie ").

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