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In a modern, open to the public et aludnichestva world, the key to understanding and quality work is the knowledge of foreign languages, especially English. Though he is not the most massive for use, regularly giving primacy Chinese and Spanish, but is, in fact, a kind of mediation, the universal language that unites representatives of all languages ??around the worlde. It is the base in areas such as education, science economics, finance, technology and others. Therefore, knowledge, clearly and correctly, the English language is a prerequisite or guarantee of a better life (so to speak). In an environment where school and university curricula has not given for various reasons, the required level of knowledge, his nNecessity to replenish and strengthen. You can do this with the help of specialists in St. Petersburg. Well-organized and professional team carries out its educational activities in the market for more than 13 years, having developed during this time some experience, credibility, and methodological approaches to the organization of the learning process. On the basis of our action centerexist following the program of English language training:

  • group classes (levels from basic to advanced);
  • individual classes (maximizes organize the intensity of employment, taking into account individual features of the student);
  • children's courses (programs for ages 3 to 17 years);
  • special courses (for improvement of language knowledge);
  • Preparation for international exams;
  • Business English courses;
  • andThe intensity of training courses in their spare time;
  • Conversation classes.

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