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< p style = "text-align: left;"> In Siberia there are many fairly large cities, it is rich in its diverse nature plant and animalworld. There are large reserves of oil and gas fields, particularly the largest of which are located in the Tyumen region. In particular, near Tyumen oil are 5 and 3 gas fields, which make up the bulk of the region's economy. And Siberia, and along with Tyumen, firmly associated with extremely severe weather with an abundance of snowand low temperatures. But even in this harsh reality, there is a place for fine - for flowers. And there are women who, more than anyone else in need of tenderness. In addition, there is always a holiday that no flowers are less colorful and cozy. In such a big city like Tyumen, there are many flower shops and artudy, which can realize your fantasy floral nevertheless not all of them can fulfill your desires so efficiently, the company « Grand Flora & raquo ;, which, in addition,. In the scope of its services include various facets of floral art:

  • to create flowers (roses, gerberas, tulips, xpizantemy, lilies, orchids and many other);
  • to create flower arrangements (toys, flower baskets);
  • creating wedding bouquets (bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, flower decorations);
  • the implementation of ornamental flowering plants (decorative roPS, Kalanchoe, dracaena, ficus, deffenbahii, begonias, orchids and other).

The company « Grand Flora » there is always a large selection of colors, and the staff are always ready to meet you, to advise and assist you in your desire and craving for beauty.

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