What is an electronic hookah

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The modern world - a world of high technology which penetrate praccally in all spheres of human activity. Is no exception, and this, in principle, not a technological process as smoking hookahs. This classic art of smoking, which according to all the reasons not the case for technological and electronic innovations. However, this possibility was found and technology similar to tehnEpidemiology of electronic cigarettes, but is not its counterpart. To understand what is at stake, it is necessary to understand the design and operation of a cigarette: it operates on the principle of the inhaler, generating of the priming liquid smoke, similar in composition and taste of the tobacco. This technology is most commonly used for therapeutic purposes, for ymensheniya level of nicotine dependence and gain enough popularity among smokers. About a year ago, the market has a similar technology proposed by STARBUZZ. In fact - is increased and improved electronic cigarette, which is designed for a wider audience. This hookah has the same compositionnye unit that cigarette - atomizer, a battery container with a liquid. Thus, the liquid does not contain nicotine, but is based on natural fruit flavors, besides updating system does not require refilling as a cigarette, and changes the whole container. Hookah Starbuzz e-hose has a wide range of flavors and design, to the factmu allows smoking any length of time.

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