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Modern sport as a professional or an amateur significantly increased its didynamics and load (as the saying goes, everything goes with the times). This general civilization process, which nevertheless can not affect the status and potential of the human body. The fact that the dynamic loads require the same dynamic recovery of the body for the next exercise. It is natural that their sobgovernmental forces and resources, our bodies are not able to so quickly to resolve these issues. Therefore, the need to support and completion of missing inventory using a properly sized sports nutrition. Any professional athlete often heard various supplements that vitamins, proteins, amino acids, Gainer and others. In particular, in the powerx sports, which include bodybuilding, fitness (in some ways), the main ones being the so-called anaerobic stress (in fact, strength training). Their main task is a dynamic set of muscle mass, and increase explosive strength of muscles. When you are actively engaged in similar exercises, a necessary condition is nFeeding on the basis of dietary supplements, which stimulates the result and endurance. There is a range of anaerobic addition, the main active component of which is creatine. In chemical terms, creatine - is one of one of the organic carboxylic acids containing nitrogenovye group. It should be noted that the creatine, as an organic compoundcontained in a certain (but obviously not enough for this level loads) amounts in the human body and even enzymatically synthesized from ATP. He has been actively involved in metabolic processes in muscle and nerve tissue. The use of dietary supplements containing creatine, in professional sports, leads to the following effects:

  • increase in peak (explosive) strength;
  • increase in load;
  • increase the speed of exercise.

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