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Mi s childhood wonder how then remove the most common cinema.After all, no matter what this film, foreign or Soviet, it does not matter you just need to learn the process. It is not easy to know the usual cinema and remove such to be admired, for it awarded compensation, and the actors who starred in the film immediately began to learn on the streets (advise where the acting director and vpechatlyaetda porabotal to fame).

But as we know it is important for any movie the amount of money allocated to the shooting. To help in such a situation comes to a producer, he immediately allocates money. And without a script can not do, and to write or buy a quality script need a lot of time and money.

So Bottom line, whate need for normal movie: first scenario, a rich producer, director with experience, the man who will be engaged in the casting, a decorator, a common editor, makeup artist, stylist, advertising agent. The whole team should be sufficiently experienced, because without experience they can not cope with such a heavy load.

Produced and self parkingtionary can directly select the entire staff. But because often such people simply do not have time as they are seeking investors. It is therefore important to choose exactly experienced person who already has the right connections directly and can easily cope with the chores, due to his profession.

Rap hand the failure of the image will become a director, so that the failure was simply not an elementary need to choose a good director. Good director will do everything to ensure that the picture did not ridiculed.

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