Why is it better to buy a laser printer


The first laser printer Canon was the beginning of a new technoogy and manufacturing of laser printers themselves type. Copiers in this company is on the development of a special group that is directly involved in these developments. Hewlett-Packard has worked directly with Canon and do elementary development of compatible computer systems and by the print engine.

Even though the rapid development of inkjet printers, laser printers why it took all offices. To explain this popularity can be counted many reasons. One of them is the use of proven technology itself, which won all its elementary reliability: sufficient speed PecsAti pretty quiet, acceptable price, typographical quality. Falling prices was quite rapid, it almost kept pace with the increase in technological capabilities of the same printer. Now a huge popular format that allows you to print, copy and scan, which is very convenient.

PAccelerating the speed of printing multiple pages per year was quite a pleasant tradition. Therefore, ten years later became a speed of 12-15 pages per minute. Another big step forward has been a decrease in the size of the printer itself, and the popularity has grown even more, because now a small but plenty loadings office desk could fit onitself a small laser printer. 100 sheets can often accommodate such small printers, as opposed to large-scale, capable of holding thousands of sheets. Also is limited capacity for output sheets if such a course is available. Some printers do have so izvivisty paper path, this was the reasonoh that can not be printed on adhesive labels.

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