Comedy series "The Big Bang Theory"


The goal of any business is gettingpositive results, most of the income. This principle applies only to the business (in the form in which it is commonly perceived), but also in other spheres of life. Take, for example, television. The purpose of creation and broadcasting of any TV product is conveying to the viewer a specific information of various kinds. On an ad hocprojects will not earn much, so, by analogy with the business, you need to give the viewer a strong interest in regular TV viewing. It uses a variety of tools, based on the features of the human psyche (eg, broadcast at a certain time, when the ethereal audience will be the maximum, or the rights ofyl accents). The most popular product that combines all the key factors and, moreover, is quite long. Since airtime is limited to a single product, it creates a form of its implementation as a serial. Soaps are a different genre and duration (both general and single).The most popular, most recently, enjoy comedy series - sitcoms, - which are characterized by the constancy of the characters and locales. In Russia - is, for example, "Interns", "Voronin", and in the world - "The Big Bang Theory" (Big Bang Theory), the way to see The Big Bang Theory online, please visit:. How easy dogbe given the name suggests, the action of the series will probably be related to physics. The action takes place in the US sitcom, on the coast of California in Pasadena. All the action of the series is built around five main characters: physicists Sheldon and Leonard (their roles are played, respectively, Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki), their cute and charming neighbor Pennand (played by Kaley Cuoco) and friends is a "sweet couple" - physics Rajesh (Kunal Nayarit) and engineer Howard (Simon Helberg). Despite the apparent scientific name of the series and the same selection of "frames", the basic meaning of the series is not to show the life and work of researchers. In fact, the word Bang, which pin in scientificThe text is translated as "explosion" in the vernacular (slang, so to speak) denotes nothing else like having sex - something which is lacking in the typical "nerd." Each of the four "friends" (Penny drag will not, because it is for them a kind of stimulus that can be output from the usual balance), has its own character and habits, but kazhdogo of them constantly pursue different failures on the love front and comic situations. Currently filmed for seven seasons of the series and shows the eighth. This is facilitated by the extraordinary popularity among the audience that since the release of the first series has increased from 8 to 21 million.

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