Computer game The Sims (The Sims) 3


Since the establishment and realization of the idea of ??personal computers human continuously accompanied, or desire, whether forneeds to organize leisure time with this miracle of technology. In practice, this has resulted in the creation and development of the genre of computer games that, for certain categories of people are kind of leisure, and for other full employment, work (so-called category gamers). Because all economic activity is gradually transformed into a virtualth plane, it is not surprising that there is a category of games that directly simulate the process of human life. One of the most popular simulators of this type is the world famous simulator Sims (Sims). Today released 4 of the The Sims. The most popular is considered the third part of which was released to the 11 officially Additions . By the way, (original) from the site: This is essentially a virtual life simulation character (group of characters), which includes the life, work, leisure, vzaimootsheniya. In particular, the total angular momentum relationship is implemented in the third version of the game. In particular, either transsonazh has almost complete freedom of action in terms of dating, flirting elements, marriage, birth of children, and so on. n. As with previous versions of the game, all the action takes place in a small, compact town, one of those of whom they say "everyone knows" . This format provides life automatically tremendous amount of communication (with neighbors, colleaguesand friends). Community characters depends on the personal characteristics of the character (innovations implemented in this part) - intelligence, socialization, physiological features. A character can build life plans, to have a dream and do everything to achieve it.

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