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At the level of technological development that an existing memberexists in today's society, as well as the dissemination of network resources, especially the Internet, it is one of the most powerful advertising and information resource in the world (if not the most powerful). The main advantage of the Internet is its universal prevalence, and thus the convenience and efficiency of dissemination of relevant information. Esland compare the Internet say the standard media (television, radio, newspapers), the main benefit is the lack of air time limit, which allows for the necessary information broadcast virtually around the clock. But this, in turn, does not mean that the creation of the site and use it to broadcast conditionally Sayit, advertising will have a consistently high position. Such a tool used by millions of Internet users, including those in the appropriate segment, and this automatically means that there is a fairly wide competition. In such conditions it is necessary to take measures to improve the efficiency and functioning of sites, or simply search engine optimizationth (SEO):. Its very nature is to create a certain precise contextual search algorithms, which in the presence of appropriate requests from clients in the search engines, will help bring these same customers it on your website. In fact, in terms of having an extremely large number of sites, the search engine is the uniquenesstively possible tool to find the information you need, which is why it is such a powerful tool and is used to promote a network of sites.

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