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The Ukrainians - sort of a pretty thrifty people . Kak say "a good host all the farm in handy." This attitude, thrifty, thrift characterizes Ukrainians throughout, especially in such an important matter as the preparation of food reserves for the winter period. One of the most popular ways of storing food in winter is their preservation, pickling or salting. Latelys option is the most ancient and natural way. Besides, pickling cucumbers, tomatoes or cabbage occurs in special containers - tubs. This unique wooden bochechki (referred to in the form of some epithet, because actually is smaller than the standard oak barrel). As well as the barrel consists of wooden dosok (staves), just covered with metal hoops. But the main difference from the tubs barrels is still not the size, shape (convex or straight) or material for manufacturing. The main feature is its tubs strictly vertical position, unlike the barrels that are as "lie" and stand. Harvesting of pickles in a wooden tube has a distinctive taste and aroma, which provides wood. No wonder that, wines and cognacs prepare and insist in wooden barrels to give the drink a special taste. The main advantage is the ability of wood to "breathe." In such circumstances, and the products themselves are provided adequate air flow, besides the impregnated baaScene flavor and useful properties, which can give an oak or linden Kad River.

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