Advantages of plaster

< p style = "text-align: left;"> The man, in contrast to other living species onour planet is not adapted to the environmental conditions, but rather modifies them to fit your own needs. This is manifested in the abundance of different approaches to the design of interiors and exteriors of buildings. The benefit of the level of development of modern technology allows the use of the latest decorative building materials. So replace the traditional whitewashed andwallpapering comes leveling and decorative plaster. If the first is used as a preparatory stage for the alignment of walls and ceilings for subsequent painting or wallpapering, decorative plaster is applied to the surface of the walls give a certain texture to create a decorative effect. The main advantage of Decoporate plaster is precisely its decorative component, which allows you to implement a rather bold and incredible design ideas. Textured effect is achieved either by the composition of plaster (for example, the saturation of oxygen, or the addition of fine crumbs), or by a certain application techniques (most often requiredis an integrated approach). One of the main advantages of using plaster is no need to pre-align the walls. By the way, to buy high-quality decorative plaster can be in the online store:. All decorative plasters, which are used in practice differ in composition, that is,basic formative component mixture. As such use sand-lime mineral foundation, acrylic, silicone or silicates.

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