Solnechnogorsk - a small town in the Moscow region

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In Russia, because of its enormous size (especially length), there beforeenough places for an active and healthy holiday, from the Urals to Kamchatka. Nevertheless, quite picturesque region for recreation can be found even near our capital, in the Moscow region. We are talking about the regional center Solnechnogorsk: Located just some 40-odd kilometers from Moscow (or to be more precise, from Moscow). City Ruskinulsya on Lake Senezh as part of the so-called Klin-Dmitrov Ridge (geological hill in the north-west of Moscow region, with an average height of about 285 meters above sea level). The first settlement on the site known documented somewhere in the first half of the XVIII century. Modern Solnechnogorsk - a district center (that is, the FTCati, formed relatively recently - in 1938), which is home to over 50,000 residents. Solnechnogorsk absolutely no resemblance to him like district provincial towns - it develops and life here is boiling and bubbling. This is largely due to the excellent transport interchange (through the town passes the route Moscow-Saint Peterspr of international importance and railroad similar posts) and a beautiful natural environment. Lovers of ancient attractions here is something to see: churches, mansions, museums. Annually, there are a variety of festivals, is actively developing the sport. Due to the close proximity of the lake, which is located on the banks of the setat camp sites, here is constantly observed positive dynamics of tourists, many of which are engaged in windsurfing.

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