Animated series "Family Guy" (Family Guy)


Animation develop and exist as long (or maybe longer), as well as art cinema, remaining slightlyin the shade. Work on the creation of an animated film - a rather complex and lengthy process, usually combined with one idea of ??many professionals - artists, animators, actors and so on. The development of modern digital technologies, has significantly reduced the time and effort to create cartoons, and the last, thanks to the generous Spanisholzuemym special effects, began to resemble more to the action (eg, "Cars," "Conquer the dragon"). Particularly different in this respect, Hollywood, creating cartoons for every taste, genre, including comedy. Especially popular among the audience is the animated series "Family Guy" ("Family Guy" in the US box office), by the way,   See the latest series of animated series, please visit: Somehow it resembles another famous cartoon "The Simpsons", differing yet more human traits render the main characters. In the center of the movie storyline is simple, the provincial average American family, friendly family nest in one of the towns of Rhode Island. The very animated series has a distinct comic, satirical slant that, in fact, it is quite understandable, given the protagonists. In the cartoon, rather sharply ridiculed all the flaws, defects and deviations from normal moral life (relationships within the family, foreign policy, inanterior habits of society). Initially, the target audience of the series were adults (due to specific humor), but today's young people and children also love to watch it, which explains their involvement in this process.

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