Tyres and wheels

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Man differs from all other species, not only the level ofknowledge, but also the fact that tries to use them to improve their comfort. This applies to all spheres of life, let alone a car, and even more so. The fact that man has always had a craving and propensity to travel opening up new horizons and cultures. So it was in ancient times and continues to be so now, with one of theence: human movement zchitelno increased due to the development and dissemination of transport. Like human feet, the car has its feet - wheels consisting of tires and wheels. These are key elements to ensure grip with the road and torque transmission. The correct choice of tires and wheels provide realtion fuel efficiency, predictability and safety of the machine. By the way, "Roskoleso" will help you make the right choice. In order to determine the required goods, it is necessary to understand well enough in its design and technical characteristics. First, let's understand what the tire. This complex of rubber products isroobraznogo hollow type, open from the inside. The cavity chamber formed by a supporting surface consisting of a tread and belt cords and bead surfaces is filled with air to the required overpressure. Automobile tire has a different marking tread type, weather performance and range of application (from cars to trucks andvtomobiley). Car drive - a metal ring has two main functions: a base for mounting the tire and wheel fastening element to the car.

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