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In today's world, a crucial role is played by the economiesand in general and high economic subjects separately. And its role is important for the functioning of all institutions of society as the scale of a single city, region, country and around the world. The fact is that after the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the world economy underwent a process of mutual integration through the creation of mutual internationaleconomic links and setting up production and sales markets, combining different economic systems. Under such conditions, for continuous and quality functioning of the entire global system that requires the active participation and coordinated work of the smallest members - economic experts. The importance of their work can not be overestimated,because only a slight jump in the exchange rate has a very dramatic impact on all sectors of the economy. Precisely because so important is to prepare specialists in economics in universities. Objectively, the best preparation is carried out in foreign universities - so where the level of economic development has higher performance. For our fellow citizens, soiskAtelier higher economic education, the best option is the "Prague Higher School of Economics", please. The University has six faculties at the same time (finance and accounting, international relations, economics, business computer science and statistics, the national economy, management), and the number of students reaches20 thousand. The quality of education affects the level of the teaching staff, most of whom are employees of public and large private companies, leading experts in their field, as well as regular practice for students in those same companies. Studying is available for foreigners subject to the positive results soBreeding sites on language proficiency.

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