Components of success in learning a foreign language


You can often hear the question: how much to BPYemeni to learn a foreign language. From the point of view of experts, the main thing is not how much time and how effectively you can learn the language, having the same level, even starting. How to make so that at the end of the 1st level of study material has not been forgotten that at the right time you can use your knowledge? Because we all know, Thuof a foreign language can be taught all my life, and when dealing with the foreigner get confused and say nothing, and vice versa, having one level of the course, we can confidently and competently express their thoughts. So, what you need to do?

Keep in mind that any teacher or tutor courses are an intermediary between you and the real environment usedNotices language. Ask if you ever someone to buy your clothes? Probably not. You most likely will go to the store, try on, touch the material, consider the color and choose to your liking. So it is with language. To find out what he really should communicate directly with the carriers. How to achieve this - visitconversation clubs, read books in the original (by the way, they have different levels of difficulty), listen to music in the language of that study - independently zoom in itself to language environment. A teacher may have to adjust your knowledge, compared with the native language, to advise you how to easily and effectively be absorbed by the material. In other wordsyour teacher - is as a consultant in a clothing store.

Components of success in language learning:

  • regular classes;
  • communication with native speakers;
  • movies and TV shows in the original;
  • of the hearinge music in a foreign language;
  • read literature in a foreign language;
  • the use of language in the workplace and everyday life.

We examined the components of success in learning a foreign language? You all of their practice in the study? No? Is Thismay mean that you like the color of clothing, but the material you forgot to ask the consultant. Would such a good buy? Of course not.

"Well - you thought. - In class, I'll go in conversation clubs, too, as I will be running too. I love music Foreign movies, American and even sometimes listen that there govoryat for dubbing ... shall get a couple of books ... But how to use the language in everyday life? To communicate with people in a foreign language? "

And the answer is simple. It's time to change the interface was your computer and mobile phone on a foreign language. You can chat with your friends in a foreign, at least some phrases, but you can find According to the census friendke, technology now allow - Skype, ICQ help you with this. I have a way familiar practice (she has several friends there and she constantly communicates with them). Go to the store? Compose your shopping list on a foreign language. Traveling in a minibus? Translate conversations of people that you hear. Describe what you see around you in a foreign language.And the words that caused you problems with the translation, are recorded separately in a notebook, and check the dictionary, contact the teacher as a counselor, or a native speaker, as the manufacturer to explain to you how this or that phrase will sound on foreign language, because not everything can be translated literally.

So, good luck with your buyingok ... oops ... I mean, excuse me, success in learning a foreign language!

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