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In the world leople centuries interested in different kinds of news. Our grandparents learned the news from newspapers and magazines (of which at the time was much more than it is now), our parents appeased the hunger for information, watching the news on televaizoru (as previously dominated federal channels), well, our generation draws information from the network the internet (it is a pity that not all available on the Internet information is useful and harmless). In any case, at all times, the news was always popular and in demand, not depending on the subject and informativeness.

In the age of internet technologies of various kinds of new publications daily produced a surprising number, but for the ordinaryELSE do not need the entire flow of information. He needs a single-minded focus, interesting information, whether it is news about the latest developments in smartphones, or a new episode of his favorite show. In order not to check for updates on the sites of interest to the user was coined by a very simple and useful solution - RSS strip .  

- it is a kind of online news department given site, which published a preview (summary) or the full text of news (articles, videos, various kinds of pictures). Agree that even you prefer to receive your e-mails only the dates of your (selecteds you) news of a sphere. &Nbsp;

From the user use RSS- tape reduced to a simple subscription to the newsletter, by introducing your mailbox ... and all. But efforts by the blogger attached much more. To implement an RSS feed of your site, you must first of all Regist-centered on the wonderful service   feedburner - a service aggregator mail and RSS feeds in one person provided for free use. After successful registration, you become the proud owner of Avtooooo ... no, not the car, as we would like, and automatically filled with new postof RSS feeds.  

All that's left to do is place a subscription form on your website. This form can be found by examining the   feedburner, I think that with this you have no problems. Well, if you're too lazy to look all its own, then read the instructions below. &Nbsp;

Aftersuccessful registration and authorization service Feedburner, go to your feed (RSS Feeds name corresponding to your site when registering).  

You immediately get the tab Analyze, which shows the number of your subscribers and their statistics (someone has subscribed, and someone on the contrary exclude your sait from the list of their interests). The required tab called Publicize, on which a plurality of tabs (left, top-down), the desired'll benefit called Email Subscription and appears before us in the first dialog box to insert a subscription form on the blog. Naturally, this form has a minimalist design that you own forcesand can customize it for your blog layout.  

Inserts a subscription form on your site, preferably in the sidebar and lyubuyutes work done. &Nbsp;

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