Truckers 4 - driving simulator distant freight cars

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The life of man, throughout his Easttheory, in contact with the gameplay, which is characterized by the level of development and preferences of the population. At various times, were mainly active, sports and intellectual games. Their task - to distract people from repetitive work, cheerfulness and give new vitality. In addition, the game - it is a source of physical and intelligenceualnyh of the organism, which is especially important for children. With the advent of computer technology playgrounds gradually moved from the fresh air in a warm room for the PC screen. Number of modern PC games is huge, including a component of the genre. This is a virtual world where you can immerse yourself in the fabulous events, and can beto do almost all the same as in real playing different simulators. One of the most popular in the domestic market the game of this genre is the game production Softklab and Buka - Truckers (current version - 4), by the way, On our site you can It is easy to guess from the name, the use ofAtel will have the opportunity to play in the car driving simulator distant freight traffic. For the state, which has the world's largest sizes and, therefore, the greatest volume of cargo transportation in the domestic market - it is a game to date. A feature of the gameplay Truckers 4 is the ability to not only "CECTs behind the wheel "truck and deliver the goods in an item, but also realize themselves as the owner of the whole of the transport company, with its own budget, a team of drivers and fleet. They once again will be in abundance, from domestic KAMAZ, ZIL, MAZ, to foreign MAN, Volvo, Scania. The game will take place on the vast expanses of Eastern Europe, includingI Russia and Ukraine. A wide variety of jobs, goods, conditions, new modified schedule will satisfy fans of virtual auto world.

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