UrsaJ HTTP File Storage - how it works?

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The reality of life is that almost daily as needed yland just as an element of entertainment, we spend time at the computer, the Internet. Daily scrolling pages of sites, choosing this or that decision, we are unlikely to reflect on the manner in which is possible to visualize all of our actions on the screen and put into practice. Behind all this is painstaking work of programmers who need toconsider the logic of the details, and then implement it as code. Such standard solutions, such as the file operation (edit, copy, move, etc.) compulsorily present in virtually all web applications, and hence they have each time to describe the program. Any developer can tell youis, as far as tiring after a few projects. In such situations requires the development and use of specialized software to developers themselves, in order to eliminate the loss of time for the execution of a block of similar solutions. Similarly, a software solution is a complex UrsaJ HTTP File Storage:. In fact, he performs the following basic backsideChi:

  • treatment of the so-called business logic, for example, adding a product to your cart in any online store. It is an organization of the choice of goods, adding it to a temporary and permanent database etc.;
  • treatment of different but typical, filerequests, such as uploading to the server, add or change the description, etc.

This service has been successfully used to work with large files that the processing of one resource is extremely overworked database. He actively distributes streaming function, storage and processingand file requests.

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