Letters of the English alphabet


The English language in the world today is one of the most widely used both in domestic and in atManual discharge, industrial, educational and other fields. His knowledge - these are additional opportunities in purely practical terms of understanding the conversation, and in employment. The development of each language in the world (not an exception and English), must begin with a review, study and understanding of its fundamental principles - the alphabet, consisting in its Ochered from the smallest basic elements - letters. English alphabet, basically, includes twenty-six letters, most of which (twenty-three letters) were classical Latin alphabet. The first prototypes of English Writing appeared on the island in about the fifth century BC and consisted, basically, of the runic script, broughtnnogo in Viking culture. With the advent of the land of Christian doctrine, runic script was gradually supplanted by mixed and Latin. All are divided into two main groups according to the type of the transmitted sound: vowels and consonants. The first group consists of five letters: A, E, I, O, U. The second, more numerous, consists of twenty-one letters: B, C, D, ..., Z. In addition, there are some exceptions to the general rule, for example, the letter Y can act as and vowel and consonant, and the letters R and W can be used both independently and in part of the vowel digraphs. A feature of this language there is the fact that each letter can transmit on multiple sounds (depending on the wordsosochetaniya) and is clearly different from the spoken sound of her image. In order to distinguish phonetic images and visualization, visual as well as sound, pronunciation, there is a tool such as transcription. Often used in dictionaries, with each letter of the word in transcription meets exactly one character (sound).

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