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Veselka, fallyus, morel, sramotnik, Witch egg - all names of-stand and the same representative of the kingdom of fungi. The scientific name of this fungus - fallyus indiscreet (Phallus impudicus) or Veselka ordinary. His name is entirely due to the fungus in appearance - it is impossible not to notice its similarity to the male genitals excited man. Ripe mushroom has a leg 12 to 20 centimeters in height and 2 - 4 Santeem in diameter. Pileus has the shape of a bell with a hole at the top. Characterized sharp rotten smell (clearly felt at a distance), and very high speed of growth (up to 5 millimeters per minute). In nature spread almost all over Europe, Siberia and the Caucasus. Growing season (collection) lasts from May toOctober. Mushroom belong to the group of edible and in some countries for example, in France, may be regarded as a delicacy. But the most common fungus (or rather the most widely used) in folk medicine. On the basis create aqueous or alcoholic tincture, which then, according to necessity, is administered orally or cutaneous triturated Gen.moat. He is almost a panacea for the treatment of many serious diseases, including: stomach ulcers, herpes, hepatitis, respiratory infections, inflammation of the kidneys, liver, rheumatism, arthritis, hypertension. The active substances of the fungus actively excrete excess cholesterol. External grinding an excellent job with bed sores, bites,wounds, pain in the joints. But the most valuable properties of mushrooms Veselka is its amazing ability to destroy cancer cells. Active ingredient mushroom accelerate production in the body protein perforin, which inhibits the growth of tumors and destroys them (by punching and gradual resorption). please visit:

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