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The project major changes in the conditions of admission to institutions of higher education is to2011, developed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, provides for increasing the required minimum score of 140, resulting for example in time. Previously, to enter a university, with one profile or discipline of non-core enough to score 124 points.

In addition to the main points (resultm exam and certificate) Admission may accrue more and more. Happy owners of these bonuses will often winners Ukrainian Olympiads and scientific works konkursov- protection Small Academy of Sciences. For the diploma of I degree in the main ranking added 50 points for the diploma of II degree - 40 degree III and foot - 30 points. In the past, Mr.ode entrants - misleading and there were competitions for individual ranking list.

also "earn" up to 20 - five additional points can be through training in the year of receipt at the preparatory courses in higher education. But this possibility is restricted to those graduates who have chosen to beholdBOJ natural-mathematical, engineering - technical or pedagogical specialties. To become an additional asset for the rating of the applicant, training courses, departments or faculties must have the appropriate license to carry out training for at least three months and accrue 150 hours or more.

Preparatory faculty

  As noted in the universities, in the case of the Ministry of Education approval of new conditions of admission to universities, important advantage of the Foundation Course will be possible to obtain from 2 to 20 additional points to the rating. But despite this, the graduates do not hurry Vo icescribed in the preparatory courses at universities. "The applicants have not quite aware of what benefits they may have. Finally, not yet approved the rules of admission to the next year, they are waiting for", - says Roman Starch, dean of university training in Lviv National University. And Franco. And wait atexists for long. According to the Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Tabachnik, major changes in the conditions of admission to higher education institutions in 2011 will be approved in October.

In addition to extra points, the advantages of the Foundation Course has a chance to get acquainted with the system tRequired for high schools, university teachers.

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