Decorative Venetian plaster

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One of the varieties of materials for decorative obliTsovk walls is a beautiful Venetian plaster. It may be the most diverse: matt, smooth, glossy, embossed. All this often depends precisely on the application, because the technology of the Venetian plaster so diverse that it is possible to achieve the effect is quite incredible. More details about the decorative plaster will tell usIvanov AN - employee LLC « PromRegionStroy & raquo ;, which is engaged in the documentation.

Decorative plaster and its application

Still quite difficult to apply the usual Venetian plaster it with your hands, especially if   those hands up to this point was never with her ne work. However, all may gradually learn to understand the very basic texture and turn a simple fantasy.

Many people often try to pass the complexity and usually buy it for decorative wallpaper Venetian plaster is naturally beautiful, but still often Venetian plaster looks much effective. After all, natural, crnd a beautiful plaster made outshine any wallpapers.

Venetian plaster and place of her birth

It is necessary to say that it was a Venetian plaster, the technology itself is still the application originated in ancient Egypt. Egyptians thought it was quite a long time about how to perform a typical Venetian plaster, nabout anything simply did not work. And one quite beautiful when the work itself was over sawing marble, one ordinary worker suddenly just came up with a brilliant idea to add a simple solution to cutting chips. This was the cause of a Venetian plaster.

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