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What do I mean by " fluent "in English? I ammeans the ability to speak and write in English is almost as freely and easily as their native language. Free does not mean that you will speak without an accent, or always choose the most natural (from the viewpoint of a native speaker) words. Hours of audio - it chasi continuous English-speaking speaking as, say, in a radio or audio books.

If you want to be fluent in English, ask yourself the question: "Can my English courses / coaching to provide me with 60 pages of text in English or 6:00 listen to authentic records - sort of a ? '. Typical English courses offer 2 classes every week and a half hours eachth. But even say that you have sufficient funds on an intensive course, so you do 4 times a week for half an hour. On these courses you spend 6 hours per week in the classroom. How do you get the raw material (in other words, how much English you pass through itself)?

Let's see:

The teachers provide little starting material. Most of them are trying not so much to say how much the students are encouraged to speak. When the teacher says he deliberately slow pace (to most students understood it) and often pauses. After listening to the teacher for about 10 minutes, you will get at best 5 minutes"Continuous" source material.

The other disciples also provide a little of the original material, as they say, even slower than the teacher and make a lot of mistakes.

A lot of time is spent on exercises that hardly provide you input material. For example, "move the words to obrazovats question "or" write three forms of irregular verbs .

If the lesson is given the text to read or write to listen to, as a rule, they are quite short (up to 3 pages or less than 10 minutes).

After weighing all of the above, we can conclude that the right to audition EnglishYi proposals represents no more than a third of the time. It is based on records played in class, as well as proposals, spoken teacher and other students.

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