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If you want to svobbottom to communicate with people outside your country, to be successful in business and to enter into profitable transactions with foreign partners - then you just yet obliged to learn English because it is the most widely spoken language in the world, which is owned by millions of people. If you are interested, there is nothing easier than to learn English nosredstvom skype. If you are a busy person and do not have the free time to visit the tutor or group lessons in courses of English, it is not a problem! In this case, you is perfect, because you do not have to change your personal schedule and spend your time on the road, because the classes will be held on computerAnd you are at home or in the workplace. All you need - is to install Skype on your PC. Skype - it's a computer program that allows you to communicate in the form of video, audio or text chat, so you can always be in touch with your teacher. In schools, learning English on skype work as English-speaking and Russian-speaking teachers with great practice online learning and teaching experience.

Typically, these lessons are conducted either individually or in groups, from the beginning of class the teacher makes contact with student and then establishes a conference with ostatnoy group. After that, the Rev.odavatel presents educational material, and at the end of sets homework activity takes place in real time.

What are the courses angiyskogo language on Skype?

General Course

With the help of General Englishon Skype you have the opportunity to improve their command of English and, as a consequence, in the English-speaking country, you can feel comfortable, do not get lost in the airport or restaurant. Each student learns to prepared for him an individual training program that takes into account its purpose learning, personal wishes andinitial level of proficiency.

Intensive courses

There is also intense courses learning English, which are specially designed for tourists. They will help make your stay comfortable abroadm, you can easily obschatsya with the locals without the aid of an interpreter. You worked and understand specific dialogues and situations that may be encountered by tourists.

Business English Course

The course of business English will be able to help those who are planning to develop business abroad. This course will preparet take you to how to: hold conferences in English, make summaries, to negotiate, to work in a foreign company.

exams abroad

In addition there is a special course that will prepare you for the exams abroad. With this course you get ready for the examnew to Cambridge and others. prestigious universities. Initially experts determine your level of proficiency, and then recommend you the most suitable certificate.

Letting USE

There is also a training course to pass the exam in English that can help you organize your knowledge and if nuzhbut to get new ones. This course is adapted to all the requirements of the exam.

Correcting pronunciation

Those who wish to correct their pronunciation may also zapisatsya for specialized courses . Of course it is very difficult to get rid of an accent, but DunnI can help you to maximize your pronunciation closer to the original Wikipedia rough phonetic errors. But you should remember that very quickly to correct pronunciation you have does not work, on the recommended duration of employment (at least 8 lessons).

Remember, that the study of the English languageka online - it's fast, comfortable and profitable.

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