What English language courses to choose?


If you want the right to claimodobrat technique to learn English, then first of all you need to decide:

  1. to study the English language;
  2. level of English;
  3. period of time after which you expect the desired result.

Now on the market of English language courses are found mainly leveled (traditional) methods. True lately more and more popular melts bezurovnevye (communication) techniques.

Leveling (traditional) methods

These courses are designed for people who do notlove the rush and prefer is slowly but surely learning the language. According to the traditional method of teaching English language teaching material by separating the levels (there are only 6 levels). You will need somewhere 1.5-2 years to complete all 6 levels (depending on the language course one course lasts 3-6 months).

Traditionaltechniques do not contain a lot of conversation practice, but rather focus on the ability to translate. Conversational practice begins somewhere in the 3rd level (Pre-Intermediate).

The classification levels of the English language according to traditional methods:

  • Basic — Beginners (B);
  • Elementary — Elementary (E);
  • Below average — Pre-Intermediate (PI);
  • Middle — Intermediate (I);
  • Advanced — Upper-Intermediate (UI);
  • Advanced — Advanced.

may also be that conduct also depending on the initial level of proficiency (classification see above).

Bezurovnevye (communication) methods

This method preferred by people who have very little free time, but who want to learn obschatsyasya with native English speakers. So often, these methods of learning English are called communicative.

While studying English at communicative approach to language a person is faced situations that teach proper formation of the proposals, and after a while and think in English. The process of studyingof language by this method has a large number of conversational practices that are compatible with the vocabulary and grammar study. Communicate in English you will start at the 1st session. Therefore, even in the 2-3 class even beginners can build their own simple sentences in English.

Training bezurovnevym IUnique lasts for a lot less, since the 1st course materials contain 3-4 levels of traditional methods.

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