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In this article I will try to answer inquestion: "PC." Quite simply - for that you need a special program to capture video from the screen of a personal computer that enables you to record everything that happens on the screen of your PC. On these recordings, you can see: work with windows, move the mouse, working with the program - everything that you do on your computer. Often such as video recording create instructional videos. Therefore, if you want to record what happens on your computer screen, you do not need to look for the camera - for this and set up such programs.

Tragically really quality programs to record video from your PC screen is very mAlo - moreover not every user agrees to buy the paid program, this uschut many free programs, but high-quality free programs of this type of unit. Let us look at these free programs using kotory you can create a fairly high-quality videos.

Free progra-program to capture video from the screen

Free Screen To Video

This is the 1st of the free programs to record video from the screen, which we consider. It presents him a small program that has the ability to record video with sound. The program has a very simple interface, and has the support of Russone language.

The program enables us to write: the selected area, a separate window or full screen. The user can select multiple video formats: AVI, FLV, WMV, SWF. In the settings it is possible to specify individual settings for each video format: you can choose the level of video quality, as well as codeKey that will be used to encode audio and video.

After installing vse settings - the program will be ready for use. To start the video recording you just need to press the « Start & raquo ;, that is on the application bar. This opens a window in which you will need to specify the location where to save Islandsabove video. After that, the program is minimized and begins to record the video.

If you want to stop recording video, then you will need the right mouse button click on the icon that is in the notification area and select the item there « Stop & raquo ;. Immediately after that video recording will end and the file with movie recording will be saved in thefolder that you specify.


CamStudio - is a program that allows you to record video from your PC screen in 2 formats: AVI and SWF. The program has support for recording sound from a microphone. Also, you can access audio and video settings: you can choose to specify the compression level andcodecs that will be used when encoding video recording. As Free Screen To Video - CamStudio program allows you to record video: a separate window, a separate area and the entire screen.

To start recording video, you need to click on a huge red button that is on the application bar. Immediately afterwards you mozhete minimize the program so that it does not interfere with most video recording from the screen of your PC. Stop video recording, you can using the contact menu that you can call by right-clicking on the program icon, or by clicking on the blue button « Stop & raquo ;. Immediately after stopping video recording program opens a window where you overabout will specify the location where you want to save the file with the video recording.

Free Screen Video Recorder

This is a small program to capture video from your PC screen. This program has only the most necessary functions and as simple interface. The program allows you to record a videoabout: a separate window,   region and the entire screen. The user can adjust the quality of the video and select the codec. In addition to recording video from your PC screen, you can also take a screenshot.

Choby start the video recording you need to click on the 1st of icons which shows films. Immediately thereafter, Free Screen Video Recorder minimizes and breakfastThis will launch   video recording. To stop the video recording you can simply open a minimized window. And after the video recording program prompts you to save the resulting record.

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