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Fashionable young people of the 21st century, or an interesting story of jeans

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All the young people of the 21st century lovefashionable dress. Especially popular trend among people - there jeanswear. Of course Jeans, most popular things, it originated in America. In the west, jeans trend remains eternal - he captured the fashion not only their country but also stunned the world. It was a sensation, the whole country, the press, TV, talking loudly about AmeriKan novelty. Most interestingly, clothes sewn from denim liked everything: athlete, models, stars, presidents, students and the working class, it unites them. Jeans - a classic, which to this day is appreciated all over the world.

Do you know who seems to be due to the little things, became famous? It was Leoand Strauss. While jeans were made of fabric that looked like a tent or tarpaulin, color was brown. Fabric for clothing offered ordered in Italy. In the ports to make notes "Genes", but in America, read the name of their - "Jeans". Hence it became known as jeans. Over time, the matter is similar to the canvas zakonchilsI was furious because the demand. Master sought out and tried to replace canvas fabric on a tight blue serge, which supplies France. It was a boom - the birth of these jeans. Jeans worn well, and most importantly a long time, but there was a problem: often came off pockets.


In 1860, Jacob Davis came up with rivets - this device is subject to secure the pockets. They were metallic, reliable and original, very well suited to jeans. In the same year, a trademark" Levi's ", due to pressing the pants so popular. Even after 3 years on the emblem presented forriveting.


Jeans have become practical, comfortable and safe in the wardrobe of every thing, but Levi Strauss has a competitor Henry David Lee, who built a factory sewing clothing. That he has launched a trade mark "Lee", which in 1926 created a furor, impresrvye in the history of the nitty lightning in a fashion pants. Because this brand of "Lee" took second place in the market of jeans.


Later bestseller - jeans that fits all and kept the ratings prosperity began to produce at an altitude of Germany. And in 1932 there was a German mapKa "Hermann", which took a lot of difficulties to get popularity. In 1949 he received the official stamp success in the labor market.

The rebirth of jeans

In the 60s jeans were born a second time, it's been a hippie revolution that sought to recognize the youth fashion denim. At the sametime to pay attention to the style, not the convenience and practicality threadbare pants with jeans.

In the Italian town of Ponzano Benetti, in the 60s the usual little family tried to make the business of making clothes for youth. Later came the brand "Benetton", which was called the 90-ies of the whole empire.

The famous English firm "Pepe Jeans "is working on the world market since 1973. In 1974, France announced the new brand for the production of denim" Big Star ". In 1978 in Italy Rosso Renault designed the company with the name" Disel ", but the success and perception in the global market got through 3 year. Also, the German brand denim factory is considered "Dallas", which appearedabout 15 years ago.

Today, little remains of firms that specialize in the production of jeans. Each manufacturer has its own brand, manufacturing technology an individual approach. The best-known nowadays are: Calvin Klein, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and others.

According to new methods of processing and diZayn Jeans: polished, bleached, soaked in acid and have made special holes of different sizes. But most of all youth Hipsters and dandies like the emergence of new colors and shades, which is not enough.

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