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PRAGMA – program to transfer developed by « Traident Software & raquo ;. It produces its products since 1998, presenting L-Master 98 and Language Master.

Benefits of the program in its small size and multilingual translation technology. Also, it provides for different languages ??in different areas of translation. You can make the translation from Russian, angliyskogof Ukrainian and each of the other two languages.

With these undeniable benefits, many users want & nbsp ;, it is possible for this resource.

Jobs PRAGMA 6.X – Settings

PRAGMA 6.x – this is the last Islandrsiya program that uses the modified algorithms that help improve the quality of machine translation. This program allows you to work both on the PC and on the internal network or the Internet. Its pole is the use of file format Word. In addition, the latest version of the program will add additional dictionaries – Kazakh and Francezsky that allows you to expand the scope of application e.

Setup program:

  • In the tab « common » available choice of interface language (English, Russian or Ukrainian);
  • In the tab « translation » You can set the direction of translation by default,helps to save time by using large amounts of information;
  • Useful tab « application & raquo ;, which changes according to the currently active language. You can, for example, to set a special highlight for the words that have not been translated. Perhaps they had made mistakes.

Translation using PRAGMA

In order to quickly use the main features of translation, it is necessary to repeat the following procedure:

  • You must first highlight the text, then click on the icon on the desktoptable;
  • Then, to start translating, simply insert the text in the Immediate window. After that, the translation process starts automatically. This process usually takes place very quickly;
  • After the completion of the translation process. In the same window appears result of the program. He represents himself directly translated text;
  • Translated fragment automatically replaces the text that was in the clipboard. This means that you can insert into your document is already the result of translation and to continue working with him once;
  • If necessary, you can change the direction of translation. But usually the program itself perfectly detects the direction and the language itself.

This program involves the use of a fast and high-quality translation of the text.

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