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RemONT house or apartment owners require the right answers to many questions. After all reasonable and not too much to overpay, and do everything so that the efforts and investments were not in vain, and the result is everything a pleasure. First of all it is necessary to calculate the approximate cost of at least the desired changes.

What do I need to take into account when calculating

  • What is the area of ??the room.
  • Type of repair.
  • The cost of materials, sanitary ware.
  • Planned activities (disassembly, assembly, electrical, plumbing, painting and decorating).
  • The price of services of professionals (designers,workers).

Different companies offer their own prices for their work. For potential client matter how good services he will receive for a set cost. Pre-specified, agreed and documented, the work will be carried out in good faith, on time and in accordance with the instructionsbubbled quality parameters.

A wide range of services offered by companies that specialize in the repair and decoration of residential and commercial premises. Someone who works with the most modern technology along with the use of other innovations do not forget about the time-tested methods that are optimal in concretecases. So it is possible to significantly reduce the cost of repair and reduce the time works:

  • plumbing,
  • electrical,
  • conversion utilities,
  • pre-finishing of walls and ceilings,
  • plaster, paint brushes, wallpapering, etc.

Repair yourself or professionally

Is it better to make arrangement on their own or entrust the work to professionals? Ideal repair does not always mean a quick process, because many technologies take time, gradual exposure. Skilled craftsmen in Odintsovto establish reasonable time, see service. Trust the improvement of their housing companies that have experience, developing in step with the times and make high-quality repairs with guarantees.

Interior decorating can change room beyond recognition, not only in a good way. Often the owners ofrehydrating quotations from contractors, and they decide to spend their own arrangement. In this case, you need to think things through, to weigh the pros and cons. We must be prepared for the fact that you can not get the result you want to have.

Is it worth the risk, invest their energy, time, and money in materials that do not booDuchi until the end of confidence in the quality of repair? Competent employees with experience and knowledge in the field, ensure the implementation of pans hosts at its best. Of course, you can make certain, not the most difficult repair and finishing work on their own. But when it comes to putting into practice the exclusive and stylish pans individualizirovannogon the interior, it is better to entrust the matter competent professionals.

Types of finishing works

The final stage in any construction or transformation of property – finishing work. They include several types of treatment and aesthetic design of walls, etc.tin ceilings. The purpose of all actions: the completion of repairs to the premises was completely livable.

  1. Painting work – surface preparation ceiling, wall to a subsequent wallpapering or painting, as well as direct application of paint, cladding material. No details that can nottaken into account. What is important is the right choice, as the technologies and materials in order to avoid various troubles (detachment finishes, swelling, irregularities).
  2. Plaster – necessary step before any kind of finishing. It determines the durability of finish, flawless surface geometry.
  3. Installationfloor – laying laminate or wood flooring – the most popular solutions finishing floors in living areas.
  4. In finishing work also includes constructing a bathroom and toilet.

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