How to choose the right winter tires?

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There are a few rules of the road in the winter, to be followed:

  1.   in no way be moving on summer tires in the frosty winter. Many people think that when they rescue a snowy road all-weather footwear, but the problem is that when you finish reading the article, I think about these myths dispelled season tires. At a temperature of 6 C º and the lower summer tiresbegins to harden, which affects the braking distance and handling;
  2. Just remember that if you should, then you should not think that the ice you will race in the summer on the asphalt. In that case, when you are on the most branded and high quality winter tires, your car will move with respect to xaotichnoy trajectory. What would be clear, I'll say it so – you do not go to the oncoming one-way road, what would it say what your cool bag;
  3. Studded tire is very reliable and effective on the ice, but on the pavement studding grip makes your car with dOrogen worse than on a conventional pure rubber. For novice drivers studded tires fit entirely, as it will help to feel a little more confident on the road;
  4. As a rule, all axles on the vehicle must wear winter tires. But sometimes that's not enough money to buy tires on the Sunth wheel. On this, let's consider the options for which the tire can be put on the same OS.

We consider these options:

  • If you have a rear-wheel drive, the winter is better to put on the front axle for good braking;
  • ifyou have rear-wheel drive and braking distance does not matter, and the main cross-country, then put on the rear axle;
  • with front-wheel drive, it is best to put on the front – and this will ensure continuity, and good braking.

These options are suitable only for experienced drivers,but if so much you have to machine the winter, it is better to borrow money or do not touch it then. Believe me, you do it for a lot cheaper cost.

As many wonder about what needs protector. The answer is simple – if you ride on snow-covered terrain, the better protector with maximuma pronounced pattern. But if in the area regularly cleared of snow, it will be enough and normal siped rubber.
Level siping is more important. According to this, when you buy be sure to ask, what would you have advised and told how the slats work. It applies to your life.

Just the question is how best to take the bus?

There are two types of tires:

  1. which are amenable to spike;
  2. Do not amenable to spike.

This question is easy to answer as well – if you have no purpose, Artavit spikes on the bus, it is best to take the one that does not lend itself spike. Do not forget about the winter spare wheel. Not necessarily buy new, it will be enough shabby, because even on the same type of traffic rules are needed wheels on the same axle. Yes / used tire will cost you less than half the price. Finally, it is worth remembering that your life dependsOnly from you and not from someone more. On this concern more responsibly to the choice of his life.

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