What should I do if the engine does not start in the winter

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With nrihodom severe frosts, which in Russia is not uncommon in the morning have to watch the same scene: turning the key drivers of unsuccessfully trying to start the engine starters emit sounds strained, successfully taking the remnants of electricity in batteries, car and do not move.

Motorl and severe frost

But experienced drivers know that if three or four attempts to engine will not start, do not torment and starter further. Better stop, because there is a great risk that the endless attempts to make, you just flood the fuel candles. And in ethe case will have to lose a lot of time waiting for petrol fumes evaporate, and fuel mixture will become normal.


In a strong winter cold still makes sense to take the battery out of the car home, perhaps for the night, or just for a while, wait, and it warms up, and restored .Great if you have the opportunity to recharge it. But if charging the battery does not work, require more complex manipulations.


First of all, we recommend you open the hood of the car and, as they say, check the spark. For this purpose, you need to pull any wire of those who go to the troubles, the starter, and attach the wire to the motor vehicle, briefly switch on the ignition. If you see that there is a path from the end of the electrical wire to the body, this will mean that there is no problem with the lighting - everything is in order. So, we need to go to the spark plugs.


n Candlesof all it is necessary to turn out and see their status. If candles are filled with fuel, if they see the black patina, it remains only one thing: to get a set of new, screw the spark in their place, then turn on the ignition. It also happens that a new set of candles not. Then pull out the old and drag them to his home. There, with the help of a conventional gasKalita each candle plate gas burner for 10-15 minutes, ensuring that the contacts were cleared of a deposit.

After the « roasting » Candles must be wrapped in some dry cloth should not be allowed to come into contact with moisture, including and keep at room temperature. They need to be screwed into place immediately. If frost ocheHb strong and stand for a long time, then it's a smart decision – go to the candle with a low surface ignition. The service life of such small candle, but they allow you to confidently start the car and ride it all the frosty period.

Sometimes it happens that when black ice, for example, cars are moving very slowly, bumper to bumper.In this case, the spark can be soiled seriously highly enriched mixture. However, to deal with this quickly and efficiently: you only have to go to a deserted road and sharply drown the gas pedal. It is likely that such a maneuver from candles samoochistyatsya. Although most reasonable solution that does not take the money, buy your car real “ boshevskie ” candles that do not let you down in any weather.

What else can I do with?

If the engine will not start after these manipulations, try to pour a little oil system - 100-150 grams gasoline. Gasoline will allow « diluting » Stagnation in the engine oil is cold. Do not forget as well that the intense riding on the engine is cold, it shortens the energy source of the motor. We advise you to adhere to this rule, and then the capital will have to do much later. After the engine warmed up properly, itt surplus gasoline from oil simply evaporate.

Special heating

If frost below -30 ° C, and the over- 40 ° C, and stretch cold for a long time, you can purchase a special heater, it is called a pre-launch, which will be able to warm up to radiator heating water. Or warm DIRECTpermanently block. Such heaters are expensive, but you will agree that your health and « Health » Your « Iron Horse » is more expensive. Today on sale there are different models starting preheaters. Including a very « smart & raquo ;, which are capable of not only advance to warm engine , but also to have it, and to include the stove in the car, or, for example, include frozen glass heaters. And so on.

Crankcase heater

There are times when you were in the winter on some cold flushed track. In this situation, engine off can not in any case. After all, it is likely that, especially in the strong and long-lasting cold, start again you will not be able to. But if the engine still stalled, it can be diluted with a small fire under the crankcase - the car in this case should be littleozhko lifted on jacks. Koster is diluted with any wooden parts, for example, from the boxes. And if not, then with a piece of any fabric, pre-moistened in gasoline.

Remember that warm the crankcase in a similar way to be very careful, because you can fire melted the wires, in particular, the ignition oplavit all rubber tube. So we should not do so in the event that engine dirty fuel, it could be seen streaks of oil. The machine can then just light up.

In general, there are many ways to have a engine in all,even emergencies. The main thing is to act quickly, decisively, but also smart.

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