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Dark and light in the interior of the laminate


Today the range of flooring pleased withbut extensive, but, despite this, all gaining popularity laminate . The secret of its popularity is quite simple — this is an acceptable price to laminate , and a large selection of colors and textures, and a fairly simple installation. However, before you buy laminate , the question often arises: « What laminate is better to choose — light or dark? Is there a difference? What are the factors to consider? & Raquo ;. It is worth remembering that the color of laminate has no effect on the quality (composition, conabrasion resistivity, durability and the like), so that in this region the answer to the question asked. And the first and an important factor when choosing colors laminate and — This, of course, the style and colors of the interior. &Nbsp;

The role of flooring in interior

In the beginning, it is necessary to consider what role to play in the interior flooring — unobtrusive background or vice versa « raisin ».

Laminate light shades

If the choice falls on an unobtrusive background, thebest used. And there are a number of good reasons. Firstly, the light colors of flooring are more pleasing to the eye. Second, even in the opinion of many psychologists, light shades are calming. It is important to take into account the size of the room.

Designers recommend the use of a small bathroomx laminate light shades, because it will visually expand the space of the room.   It must be remembered that, in comparison with the walls laminate must be either a few shades lighter or darker, not to all merged together. On the bright laminate e very bad noticeable scratches, dust or crumbs, so with him longer room will look clean and tidy, it will take less hassle hostess. Such a laminate will create a cozy atmosphere.

Laminate dark shades

And what can you say about the laminate e dark shades? Now it is increasingly gaining popularity, attracting many of its mysterious darkness. With the right mix of dark laminate and RESULTam going to be amazing that easily eclipse any light floor. However, before buying it is worth remembering that he does not fit into any decor. Therefore, if the choice is stopped on a dark laminate e, then he will be the starting point in creating the interior. It is most often used in offices and expensive SingleBinet road light furniture to emphasize their status, because it looks quite luxurious. If the laminate in dark colors you plan to use at home, in the selection of furniture should give preference to only two bright shades that are contrasting this floor. Also, it is worth considering, etc.The fact that in a well-lit room, the sun's rays on the laminate e dark shades will quickly appear and stand out more dust, so the room will seem messy, which can create additional efforts.

Some « bold » interiorsmaybe even a combination of dark and light laminate a. It looks pretty original. When choosing colors laminate a, dark or light, first of all, you need to rely on your taste and interior.

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