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Steklooboi are new to the market oboiv. Appeared relatively recently - they immediately etc.ivlekli a lot of attention. Of paper wallpaper they differ: resistant to light and moisture, environmental friendliness, a huge strength, the ability to repel dust. Produce the data pattern with glass strands that are obtained after heating the glass. Sell ??fiberglass in rolls, like ordinary paper, only inside out. Pasting placedIa this wallpaper is not very different from the process of gluing paper, so do it anyone can. Glass fiber is much more expensive on paper since their production technology,.

Surface preparation for gluing fiberglass

The wall surface must be thoroughly prepared before pasting the walls: Cleanrange from: plaster which crumbled, old wallpaper, dust and so on. d. The walls must be free of cracks, clean and neat. If all the walls of small cracks are present, they can not remove. Glass fiber is strong enough, and they can act as a kind of reinforcement. If the surface of the walls is far from perfect (there are small popsins, it is not entirely smooth or porous), then before pasting it better pre-primed.

Technology gluing fiberglass

After that, when absorbed primer, you can start to the process of pasting. Rolls with steklooboyami, as mentioned earlier, folded pattern inside.In order not to confuse the wrong side and the front part of the first note color strip. Wrapping need a special glue as adhesive for paper wallpaper is not suitable. Vybyraya it is best to consult with your vendor.

Another nuance that distinguishes fiberglass from other wallpaper - is the fact that the adhesive when pasting nanorelates to a wall, and not on the canvas. Even layer of glue is applied across the width of the roll on the wall surface, the wall and then apply a fiberglass cloth itself required us length. Often, glass butt glue, but when there is a wallpaper pattern that requires careful fitting, then they can stick with a small allowance, and that immediately after the heightyhaniya cut. If the adjustment is not needed - then you can do without allowances. Textured fiberglass glue easier. Nothing bad will happen, even if you do not quite exactly pokleit not particularly carefully adjusting picture or accidentally damage the surface - they still look to be perfect.

When gluing - you need to traceto it under the surface of fiberglass will not collect any excess glue that no wrinkles or air bubbles. To align the fabric - use rubber roller or plastic spatula. They need to spend on the pasted surface and thereby squeeze out the excess glue and air and align it. Adhesive remaining on the joints, you can wipe usingsoft cloth or damp sponge. Similar wallpapers dry overnight. Throughout this time the room is better not to be aired as a draft can ruin all your work.

How to glue the glass wall to the ceiling

On the ceiling fiberglass glued without any problems. Sequence pasting glass ceilingooboyami similar as the walls. Firstly the surface to align and cleaned. When the surface is porous - it must cover the primer, which as you can easily take a weak solution of glue. Adhered to dock drawing allowances take about 5 cm. So little cloth wallpaper should go to the wall. Once you J.EuTe wallpaper and finally align them, you will need to cut the extra pieces with a sharp knife stationery.

In operation fiberglass quite picky: they can be safely washed with water, and they are not the dust settles. Also, you can safely use them as a basis for painting. In this case, better to choose paint and speciallyzgotovlennuyu for fiberglass, but you can also use any other.

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