Journalism in Ukraine - a dying profession?


Journalism in Ukraine - the profession pingrow. Some take on the occasion of the professional holiday of awards from the President. Other manifestations of protest against increased censorship and criticized the decline of professional level of journalism.

The freedom of speech in Ukraine today is limited, and independent journalists to work is becoming increasingly difficult, convinced leading political obozrevateeh publications « Mirror Week » Sergei Rachmaninoff. According to the journalist, particularly dire situation in the print media. &Laquo; After the entry into force of the new tax law to publish newspapers in Ukraine has become almost impossible. 52 per cent for a fee - it will not pull any newspaper that does not have a donor. A newspaper of the donor,- Is subjective by definition & raquo ;, - the journalist said, speaking on the eve of the Ukrainian-German conference "Kiev Dialogue".

According to Rachmaninoff, Ukrainian journalism is becoming less and less professional. On this issue draws attention to the media - expert Victoria Syumar. &Laquo; no journalists. Their recent years, becoming IUnshe. This is due in particular to the fact that no media market. When there is a market, a journalist is a great value. Say channels will always fight for the journalist-star, if they think about profit. And if they do not think about profit, but about ensuring loyalty to the authorities, they star journalists are not needed. They should get rid of the contrary the journalistsComrade, recruit students and tell them: « Want to be on TV - then do what you say & raquo ;, - Syumar states.

According to her, the fall of the professional level of journalism began during the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko, although the system of censorship and then was not. After the change of government the situation has become more difficult, and the magazineists who opposed censorship, it is now not working on television. &Laquo; It all ended up in television journalism today no personalities. And today, a spokesman for the president complains about me: « no one with whom to work, no one normal questions can not deliver & raquo ;. To this I answer only - « you are to this venerated. Do Notallowed them to work or lured into PR. Now reap what sow & raquo ;, - says Victoria Syumar.

There are newspapers and TV channels, and journalism will not

Whatever the level of education of journalists, future specialists generates a first hands-on experience, the president of the Ukrainian AcademyPress Valery Ivanov. &Laquo; When a young person in 19 years comes to the practice of the editorial board, he wants to learn how to prepare quality stories or write interesting articles. And he was sent to prepare subjects for which the money paid by the customer. Otherwise, the practice can do to drive. And is formed by the younger generation of journalists - they simply rackingso even before they graduate & raquo ;, - Ivanov said.

Sergei Rahmanin warned that Ukraine may soon be without journalism, if journalists are not separated now his profession. &Laquo; All this may lead to the fact that journalism as a bright, unusual phenomenon in Ukraine we can lose. We have gasEty and TV channels, as well as there will be people from time to time will write a pretty good article or make a good story. But journalism, we will not be & raquo ;, - Rahmanin says.

To Ukrainian opposition television does not exist

On the crisis of Ukrainian journalism reflects not only KutchETS materials, but also the content of ether or newspaper pages. &Laquo; monitoring, which is conducted by sociologists commissioned by the Academy of Ukrainian Press, in particular, shows that the media ignore such important topics as human rights issues. Also, little attention is paid to the activities of the Ukrainian parties - in February of this year, they weredevoted to only 2% of informational messages. Then, this percentage rose slightly, but remains low. But in democratic societies is the party have a decisive influence on the direction of development of the state. In authoritarian states in media reports dominated power structures. In Ukraine, it is this situation & raquo ;, - says Anatoly Ivanov.

On censorship in Ukraine, according to Ivanov, evidenced by the statistics in the media presentation of the government and opposition. 76% of information messages on television, on the actual data of APM on the activities of government, the president and his associates. Only 16% of reports about the political life of the country was fed view Oppositeitsii. Moreover, the opposition is usually covered in a negative context. &Laquo; particularly egregious situation - at the First National. There are months when the opposition did not mention. If you watch the channel, which is contained by the taxpayers, the impression that the opposition in the country there are no & raquo ;, - said Valery EveAnov.

The low level of debate and the lack of satire

as an argument in favor of the absence of censorship in Ukraine Ukrainian authorities often results in the existence of political talk show on the leading TV channels, including the "First National". However, Victoria Syumar convinced that the level of discussion on these transferx deliberately understated. &Laquo; sit there every time the same people who are just so involved and that the quarrel with each other. They do not answer the question « how to live? & Raquo ;, - Says Syumar.

Due to the low light level of political and economic life of Ukraine intelligentsia turns away from the national media. &Laquo; Alternative » and independent publications such as « Dzherkalo Week » or « Ukrainian Truth » found their niche, but « canned » in it, said a German journalist, correspondent S ü ddeutsche Zeitung Thomas Urban, speaking at the « Kyiv dialogue & raquo ;. &Laquo; the impression that these The editionof writing for a small elite in Kiev. I would advise to use this publication to win the trust to explain the essence of more political and economic problems of Ukraine, taking advantage of the available approaches are interested in politics of ordinary people. After all, I'm not going to read « Mirror of the Week & raquo ;, if I do not have deeptheir knowledge in a particular area. I would advise « elite » publication to be more accessible to go to meet readers & raquo ;, - Urban said.

In an interview with Deutsche Welle journalist also expressed the hope that Ukraine has developed such a genre as a political satire. &Laquo; Satire usually blooms at a time when the country is,st serious problems. Satire blooms when the power elite is facing away from the people. But I have my doubts that the Ukrainian authorities to put up with a sharp political satire. It does not look so confident, to tolerate it. After all, when people laugh at authority, it is much more dangerous for her than political statements opponents & raquo ;, - Urban said.

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