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In order to combine the Unifieds with nature in total comfort on your summer cottage, you should pay attention to the flooring, which was called the « the miracle of the 21st century & raquo ;. Decking found a good use not only in the cottages. Any place in the open air, which requires a high operational performance of the material for the floor, canbe equipped with this cover.   It will take a good rain or shine on the balcony, do not lose their qualities by the pool or dock, a safe floor veranda or terrace.

Making Exterior decking

Make a modern flooring is amazing materiala, wood-polymer composite, which for its unique properties is called « liquid wood & raquo ;. It is produced by sophisticated technology of crushed wood particles, mixed with a thermoplastic polymer,   and chemical additives used to improve the qualitative characteristics of the compound. Decking, SDelannaya of this material, has acquired a magical properties that do not have no material content of the wood. It does not crack or collapse under any humidity and temperature, is not subject to deformation, does not respond to aggressive chemistry as acids and alkalis. Coated polymer film, it is even with the debtom contact with water does not absorb it, and is fully protected from any kind of mold and mildew, is not a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites of all kinds.


The mechanical strength of decking reaches 550 kilograms per square meter. Objects of any weight placedon the surface, does not cause her any harm. Decking can handle a saw and a plane, drive a nail into it and twist screws - it will still retain an attractive appearance much longer warranty period. Absolute immunity fire and hot objects provides a complete fire safety. Despite Preecehindrance in the composition of the coating of synthetic polymers, decking completely harmless to human health. These compounds do not tend to be volatile and released into the atmosphere, so the ecology of this material is not questioned.


Internet access is quitePNA, and is consistent with the quality and durability of this magnificent floor for open spaces. Another advantage of this coating - a safe operation. Decking has a corrugated surface, which prevents injuries in the presence of a film of water or snow on the surface. Even after prolonged use of the coating,it does not change color when exposed to sunlight. With all these qualities decking does not require any complex care in the form of additional treatment and impregnation. Its purification is performed using any number of brushes and water. Stains are formed on the surface of the organic or chemical origin, can remove special agents, including those containing an alkali and acid. The only thing to do is not recommended to use a large amount of bleach, it may lead to the formation of spots, which do not disappear for a long time.


Installation of decking is done by springfirst clamp. This item is corrosion resistant and is used to provide a connection boards with each other and provides a secure grip the floor and the ground. The installation process does not require much effort, but it is necessary to resort to the help of a wizard that will help make this stacking sex is absolutely secure.

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