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Sasha a very ordinary student like thousands of others, but hemoonlight in the cabin of mobile phones called "Sotonist." The protagonist of the timid, weak, indecisive and did not have proper success with girls. But most importantly he loves Nastya - is the most beautiful woman in the institute, which at the end of season 1 was his girlfriend. However, there is Sasha feature: an early age he articleRada split his personality - must be flipped on its head (which is constantly going on in this story) or blind strong bright light, stun rather loud sound, like that turns into a second I Fedor. Fedor is a real contrast to Alexander: he completely absent complexes and moral constraints, Zaitsevalways does, all he wants, for example easily able to steal someone else's wheelbarrow or paw on your favorite girl for any destination. He has his weakness - a curvy ladies in the body. But most importantly, others do not see it "transformation" and every action "Fedor" is understood as Sasha.

1 of the series

In Part 1 of the series Nasty attitude to Sasha wakes gradually improve, but slowly. I -Our second main character - Fedor - it is noticeably successful, while meeting with donuts Nurminski that naturally creates a big problem romance between Nastya and Sasha. At the end of the season Fedor decides to help Caabove, with the result that Nastya Rostand Ilya because of his betrayal and proceeds to Zaitsev. Continuation of the story almost was not related to the plot of a split personality. Nasty dad wants her daughter was wealthy, worthy man, and sets Zaitsev goal is to earn one million rubles, but before that Sasha is obliged to part with Nastya. SPUScha time Nastia was able to learn about the transaction from Fedor and goes from parents to Sasha, quarreled with his dad. Zaitsev father suggested a completely new deal - completely rid Nastya from his presence for a very large sum of money, that it uses and Fedor. the main character goes to Las Vegas with Nurminski, and there they win a million rublesa second one of the casinos. In Moscow, Sasha sends all the money Wall father, and performs the initial terms of the transaction.

On the feast of St. Valentine Alexander spoils Fedor romantic with Nurminski, for that Fedor decides to expel the infusion of SIRS apartment, and the next morning Sasha learned that Anastasia has changed with Ilya him. Zaitsev nrihodit Ilya, where in the face Fedor Marina finds Nurminski with Ilya. Learning that she wants to avenge loved Fedor, the only time to express their feelings about the girl. Here comes Nastya and sees kissing as Fedor and Nurminski. Sasha and Fedor finally breaks their relationship, and they both decide to turn to a psychologistto get rid of his second ego. Psychologist thanks to little-studied device "replicator Altshuller" promises to them to get rid of annoying person in the body. At the end of the season psychologist to connect the device, but from someone who is still in the body get rid of Sasha Zaitsev, viewers will be able to see the continuation / 3 season.

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