How to choose the right underwear


Lovers of winter, skiing and those whocan not imagine life without a walk in the fresh air, just did not do without thermal underwear. In this article, we will tell you how to choose a underwear and you need to pay attention.

What to look for when choosing thermal underwear

For aThu special weaving yarns underwear able to maintain normal body temperature (thread retain warm air between your body and the cloth - this is the air and does not give you freeze). A very important function of thermal underwear are protection from wind and moisture removal from the skin.

Before thosem like, be sure to find a mark which indicates the temperature at which the present set of clothes. Some models are capable of withstanding thermal underwear very low temperatures, while others are suitable only for walks in the woods in a slightly frosty day.

Another very important to underwear < / span> had a special antibacterial coating of fabrics as underwear collects sweat from the body surface, and as a result, it can accumulate odors, and without such impregnation you will need to wash your laundry almost every day.

It is also a good idea if you have chosen a set of thermal underwear will be marked as "hypoallergenic" POSCOnly any underwear necessarily contain synthetic additives, which, in turn, should not cause skin irritation.

What underwear better: natural or synthetic?

Natural underwear

Well, it all depends on what it is you need. So if you plan to go ice fishing or a walk in not a quick pace, you'd better choose the underwear , made mainly of cotton or wool. Since the main function of eof linen - is to maintain body temperature, which is why it you will be comfortable even in the dead of winter. But if you sweat - underwear with the addition of wool or cotton gets wet, and there you will be even colder than the simple clothes.

Synthetic underwear

If you are going to ice skating or ski run, you'd better choose a fully synthetic underwear , as its function is to remove moisture from the surface of your skin, not heat retention (after all, you are unlikely to freeze, ifwill move rapidly). Because of this special synthetic fiber does not absorb sweat laundry and retain it on the surface and "pushed" to the outside while leaving your body dry. This underwear you will not feel the sweat running down your back.

combined underwear

And when you need to combine intense jogging to stay in the cold, you should draw your attention to the combined underwear . Often, such underwear consists of 2 layers. 1st layer mainly made of naturalnogof material - it fits snugly to your body and keeps you warm. 2nd layer is composed of synthetic material, it protects from moisture. But it is worth remembering that this is underwear can be worn for three to eight hours, after this period of time, wool, cotton or linen such components inBehold still seep moisture.

The size thermal underwear

If you select thermal underwear, you should not dwell on the "something free." Underwear should be your second skin, so if you have doubts - you better opt for a smaller rather than a larger size.

Care underwear m

Underwear needs to be properly cared for. Wash it enough one every 7 days. But remember that it does not like the heat! Therefore, it is by no means impossible: iron, boiled and dried over a fire or on the battery, give it to the ximchistku - it can be melted synthetic fiber thermal underwear, and, as a consequence, they will be closed micropores. Therefore, underwear should be washed by hand or in the washing machine in the mode of careful washing at 30 - 40 degrees. Then you need to let the water drain out, and do not wring. Also, when aCrete is not necessary to add water conditioner - it always lands on the tissue and, as a consequence, reduce the efficiency of thermal underwear.

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