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Modern winter vacation, probably can not be imagined without the active andUsing skis. And although the first prototypes of skis for the descent on the mountain slopes appeared in the 18th century, the modern requirements to them, as well as the nature of the use of significantly redesigned. Modern skiing are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics, have a variety of configurations, and the mounting area of ??use. By the characteristics thatm skiing selected for one particular purpose are: the radius of the cut, length, width, stiffness. Buy skiing is possible in specialized stores or on the Internet:. Classification ski mountain descent held on to their destination, as well as the techniques used descent:

Carving skis

Usedskiers practicing carving (undercut) skating technique. In contrast to the classic ski sidecut have a large diameter, allowing to perform sharp turns and evenly load both legs of the skier;

Ski freeride

Differ greater width caused by the need to drive nepodgotovlennoy (neutoptannoy) track;

Skiing skiing

are used in competitive purposes, for skiing on groomed track. Depending on the discipline (slalom, giant, super-G, downhill) differ in length and sidecut radius;

Amateur skiing

is a unified, universal option that combines the quality of the above skis, but inferior to them in every single aspect;

Skiing Freestyle

are used in disciplines such as ski acrobatics and freestyle. A distinctive feature is the rounded ends.

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