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Paving is a type of coverage of the roadway,the main element of which is a bar, preferably (but not necessarily) a rectangular shape.

In the manufacturing process, the bars are:

  • rough handling, resulting in obkola edges to about a flat shape;
  • sawn resulting cut toAmen weight to the desired configuration;
  • ground undergoing finishing on special grinding mills.

Paving was extremely popular somewhere until the twenties of the last century. To date, cobblestone cover quite often can be found inthe historic city (for example, in Lviv, Chernivtsi, Ukraine) and is an integral part of the tourism value of the city. However, he has not lost its popularity, although nowadays used mostly for decoration gardens and areas around the shops. A very popular source material for Bruschis is granite. This is explained primarily by material properties - high wear resistance and load carrying capacity, as well as the availability of sources of production - granite quarries. Depending on the field of origin and may have a variety of color. It is well polished, resistant to temperature changes, moisture, oxidation. Twound has been successfully used for the paving of sidewalks, driveways, exterior trim of the building. Prevalence of sources, causes a low cost of production and manufacturing, which significantly increases the demand for it, as compared with a stone.

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