How to decide where to study abroad (Sea Turtle Index)


If you have already decideds to continue their education abroad, once there are such important issues - how to make the right choices and choose the best for yourself and high school program? What you should pay attention to what criteria are important when choosing an educational institution?

More recently, the basic guideline for applicants were university rankings. The actionsional, academic performance is very important. Recently, however, the students began to pay attention to additional factors, such as employment prospects in the country, the economic climate, openness to foreign highly skilled professionals.

Sea Turtle Index

It is worthremember the "Sea Turtle Index" - an index of popularity cities in the world for training, which takes into account: the ratio of population to foreign students, the prospects for future employment, as well as the quality of education itself. Was initiated by the world famous edition of Economist and the largest Chinese financial institution China's Bank of Communications.

best cities for training according to Sea Turtle Index

So, according to the founders of the popularity index "Sea Turtle Index", for students from abroad as the best city for learning is a Canadian city of Montreal. According to experts, is training in educational institutions of the city gives the maximum return on investment in education.

Follow Montreal cities in terms of attractiveness for foreign students are London, Hong Kong and Toronto. And just remember when you are talking about - it's the first thing that falls on the mind. Take the universities such as Cambridge and Oxford, probably there is not odestion of a man who did not hear about them.

Probably, it is necessary to explain in more detail the name of the new index, namely why it is actually called "sea turtle"?

In China, the term " turtle "(sea turtle) applies to graduates of foreign schools that leave China, in order to be trained in foreign educational Covenantstutions and immersed in another culture, and often return home after they get a very good job. In creating this index takes into account those students who want to take advantage of them received international education at home.

When creating an index Sea Turtle Index experts took into hearkens factors such as:

  • Recognition (Has good balance of quality and price? How much appreciated diploma of higher education obtained it in universities of the city, and in the other?);
  • The economic situation (how high the economic, political and currenciestnye risks? As far as open to foreign investment environment is?);
  • Experience (As far as the local labor market is open to qualified professionals from abroad? Do the universities of their foreign students to find work, whether local economy provides an opportunity to preferential taxooblozheniya and high salary);
  • Social experience (Do students the opportunity to be trained in a truly multicultural and multinational environment students gain experience of living and studying in a city with world-class culture).
Of course, it is impossible to consider all the factstors, but we must look for more information, to learn from friends and acquaintances, and be sure to take into account the views of industry experts. It is necessary to pay attention to the climate, and the daily lives of residents of different parts of the world. Sometimes information about the country, its culture and the economic situation is much more important than academic ratings Univrsitetov. After all, the more information to make a decision, the easier it is to understand that it is important for you!

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