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If the window will be nht Find premises will have a neat appearance and will look well-groomed and every day without leaving your apartment you will be able to see the world and enjoying it. Come to think globally, windowless apartment would be closed and the usual boring box. That is why during repairs need to think: what window best, and what characteristics are important specifically for your apartment. If we consider the structure of modern windows, it is quite possible to choose the best option, which is guaranteed to last you a couple of decades.

What can be considered a quality window?

To select best window for your apartment, you need to consider a few important nuances. Of course, the manufacturers for the manufacture and assembly of windows used razlnye technologies and materials. Here you need to remember: the number of airbags, quality profile and plasticmaterials and even a company that is installing windows.

Installers windows also take different approaches to the installation, which is why in order not to get poor-quality work need to stop your choice on the best masters. Such world famous companies Rehau, KBE and Veka maintain its reputation for a long time andproduce only quality. Also on the market is stable windows, new competitive companies that produce window , which is not inferior to the data of world-renowned brands.

Now let's look closer materials used in the manufacture of windows.

The composition of the layerikovogo window

The first thing to consider - a window profile. So the profile that is used for windows, must be made of galvanized steel and have a thickness greater than 1.5 mm. It was such a profile is considered reliable and of high quality. Usually the company that produces window , should be the model profile, it must be certified and must have documents certifying the quality of the material.

The second important factor yalyayutsya airbags. Immediately it is worth noting that it is better to choose window , which have notless than 2 cameras. Through what little air is heated, a large number of airbags to help maintain a constant temperature in the room, regardless of the temperature, which is fixed on the street. But it is worth noting that the climate in which the temperature during the year varies considerably (from very hot summers, cold winters to veryoh), it is best to opt for a box with 3 or more cameras. But remember, the more cameras - the higher the price. That is why such nuances you can discuss with the manufacturer and select the best option in your case. By the way you can on the website "Hand in Hand".


  • The air chamber should have a thickness greater than 32 mm;
  • Good double glazing must be heat-reflective coating;
  • Marc glass, which is used in the manufacture of window , advansubstantially must be labeled M1 (polished glass).

These glazing can easily withstand high and low temperatures, have excellent noise isolation, do not miss the smells and dust from the street   and are not condensation.


Posledneesecond important feature of the windows is good quality fittings. The best accessories used in the manufacture of windows made in Germany or Austria. Besides that she   reliable, it also serves as a security control window from breaking and has a presentable appearance. Also equipped with a windowbut the most convenient and simple management system regulation provisions of window in the clear.

Once you know what kind of plastic window are the best, you will be much easier to SELECTamb worthy setting for your apartment or home, find an option that best suits your preferences and needs.

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