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Craquelure do with their hands

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The new thing is always good, especially if it is made by theirhands. And the old thing to do transfigured into a new better. Will help to achieve the effect of antiquity, this technique is – craquelure .

  Do craquelure with your hands

« Craquelure & raquo ;, exactly the French call a fine mesh that forms a crack, a small layer of paint on a strange picture. This term can be confidently attributed to the painting. Natural craquelure , can be seen in the museum, in the old pictures. Of course, this is nothing good willpromises paintings and artists have been searching for such methods, which would allow the paint does not crack.

The main feature of craquelure and, muted tones, and entering into the particles of the past. Items that are made antique, can well fitin the style of country music classical and traditional basic. Grandmother's dresser can be converted into antiques, which gives a certain charm.

Artificially created craquelure

Of course, artificially created craquelure , distinguishesXia from those that formed naturally. Those who really understands this, can easily distinguish the original. To master this technique is simple.

takes a special decorative coating, it is necessary to apply the first layer to dry forsurface of your subject. It is necessary to wait until the varnish is dry, you'll see it on the cracks. To create the effect of crack lines, use an extra layer of bitumen. To illuminate the cracks need to add paint. That would give the effect of spray paint, use a transparent varnish having a shade of pearl or opal. Necessarilyclose those sites that you do not want to paint, using a tape or paper. When applying the paint, follow the instructions. The drying time of four hours. If you decide to do the work later, you must tear off the tape, otherwise you come off it with paint.


  • If Frfor, the varnish with the effect of cracks, it is best to apply a foam brush;
  • Smears should be overlapping cross the entire surface;
  • The thicker the lacquer, the expression will surface cracks;
  • After the strokes necessary to Alignss using another brush in horizontal and vertical directions, simple and easy touch;
  • If necessary, apply additional coats of lacquer for leveling, and getting whiter pronounced pattern;
  • If you are working with furniture, then the application should occurs in the direction of the wood grain;
  • What would make a darker shade of cracks using grout, apply a coat of varnish bitumen, with the additional effect of aging;
  • To speed up the drying process can use a hair dryer in the final stage.

Of course, all the nuances and subtleties can be known only in practice.

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