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Where are the simple people to run? Someone living in rented accommodation, to someonethen went to apartment from relatives. Some can afford to buy an apartment in the mortgage, some can only rely on. Housing problem for most people is the same, so few people are interested, other business palaces of the powerful: Saddam Hussein, Vladimir Putin, and so on. D.
Most of the people in the higher echelons isasti tries to hide from prying eyes their place of residence, but human interest has always been stronger locks and security systems. The most exquisite home rulers in the Middle East, for their luxury property – it is not just a matter of pride, it is a mandatory component of the Eastern vizier, a tribute to the age-old traditions.

The palaces of Saddam Hussein

One of the greatest dictator of Iraq was more than 10 a variety of homes. Their palaces he built in all parts of the country, including his hometown of Tikrit =. All palaces Hussein distinguished elegance – huge maze of corridors might lead oneluxurious room to another. Date palm gardens and artificial ponds were an integral part of the image of the eastern ruler.
After the war in Iraq, most of the houses were destroyed by American aircraft, but some have retained their original appearance until now. In these houses now erected state museums are open or luxury hotels.

Putin Palaces – secret home across Russia

Property of the current Russian President Vladimir Putin unofficial estimates up to 30 luxury homes. All the information carefully concealed from the media by making a property for dummies,trustees Vladimir and public corporations. Most of the houses are made public only due to the fact that journalists spend their investigation, not infrequently putting their lives and danger.
The most famous residence of the President is a palace built near Gelendzhik, on the saIOM spot where once stood a relict forest. Forest cut down, but the public was not able to do anything, still going to build not just a highway, and a home for the most important person in our country. According to experts Palace Putin Gelendzhik estimated at 1 billion. Dollars. Impressive amount was spent to build a house in, the Italiancom style, the construction of artificial gardens around the house and every convenience for the owner. Photos inside the cottage is not, but we can assume that the interior is characterized by sophistication likely interior of the house is equipped with the latest technology.

The official residence of the President

Official President of the Russian Federation owns four houses. These houses are listed on the public accounts and, of course, can not be privatized or transferred to private ownership. One of the houses built in the Novo-Ogaryovo. The mansion was built in the late 19th century, but the use of state power became only in the BPENames Khrushchev – there were meetings of delegations from various countries. After the collapse of the USSR mansion stood around and gradually destroyed until 2001, until he took a fancy to have just received their authority officially Russia's new president.
In the presidential residence in Novo-have all – from the pool and gardens to the stables. Hand the mansion even has a small chapel, as you know, religion – opium of the people, but its effect needs constant nourishment.   The palace is carefully guarded by the security service of the president from prying eyes, it's understandable – Putin rules Russia more than a dozen years, people should protect their demonLeadership change.

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