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About the ability to go into a qualitatively BMW M5

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My first import automabundance was RHD Subaru Legacy. It was the 98th year, and very much like a foreign car. Fortunately or unfortunately, I travel on it for a few months, but he was not accustomed to the right handlebar. Moved to « Doninvest Condor & raquo ;. Exploit it for years and I want to say ,. very pleased with it — reliable, though unassuming machine. PAfter he had the car brand Audi, and in a short time and.

Why buy BMW M5

The main argument in purchasing the car was ‚ 5-liter engine with 333 « horses & raquo ;. In my opinion, BMW M5 are not buying for external beauty, although it had, of course,does not take away, but for his ability to give pleasure   from driving. Fast and dynamic riding — horse car, although smooth and slow movement as well gives a lot of pleasant emotions. Purchase of this particular car was associated with the need of frequent long-distance trips and trips out of the city and the BMW M5, as we know, justdesigned for active driving on the highway.

I for the time being loved to drive fast, but an increasing number of security cameras, traffic police posts and simply deteriorating roads made me give up this hobby. Consumption of the car, of course, inhumane.

Fuel consumption

In the city comes to 23 liters per 100 km on the highway can get away with 11. It depends on how you drive and that's what I recently learned absolutely on the site area of ??cars. I had one distance of 200 km, which I almost every day driving on the highway. So inoGDSs lacked a full tank, just to drive there, and sometimes the opposite: enough and back and forth, and still something left. But when you're up at 5 am going on an empty road, the soul simply asks succumb to the gas, and at a speed of about 200 km fuel consumption flies away 20 liters.


In Service BMW M5 quite fastidious. You've heard the saying? If BMW M5 rides around town, then goes in for repair. This is true, but it always goes your way and a tow truck unfamiliar. I am often faced with small breakdowns: electronics, sensors, leaking cooling system, controllers, software. But I have never been to global problems,including the engine. BMW M5, like any other machine, requires attention and care.

Now I'm going to change the car, Which? Specifically, at BMW, only in a new body. The only thing that is alarming in recent times, it is a strong emphasis on the turbocharged engine manufacturer, to the detriment of the atmospheric line. They haveI have a kind of inner confidence. As of two liters can squeeze 200 « & raquo ;? horses No flexibility, work like sewing machines. But BMW M5 remain true rear-wheel drive — this is a definite plus. The most powerful brand cars — 545 and 550 — until recently were only rear-wheel drive.

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