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Residential real estate - a very sensitive issue forabsolute majority of its owners. It is of great value, both in material and spiritual terms. That is why issues relating to housing - one of the most important and priority for everyone. As it should be, in any state of law, residential real estate market, as well as housing relations are governed by specificth legislative framework. Unfortunately, people without legal, especially the profile, education is unlikely to be able to adequately and fully understand all the intricacies and pitfalls of this sphere. By the way, if you need competent legal Moreover, the recent increase in housing disputes and fraud with real estate, as a result, mYou can literally become "no pants and a roof over your head." Therefore, in order to protect yourself from any kind of fraud, as well as competently carry out the operation you are interested, you should consult with a lawyer specialized in terms of all legal aspects. Questions that, in one way or another, may be given legal advice and underdelay is quite varied, but the most important of them can be defined in the following groups:

  • privatization of living space;
  • questions relating to the registration of residents;
  • confirmation or cancellation of contracts of sale of property In the event of aPorn moments, including alleged inconsistencies housing conditions, the level of payment, availability of applicants for this living space, etc.;
  • questions concerning contracts talent.

And remember : only competent judicial agency will help you to designbe all perfectly, in terms of legislation to protect themselves against possible claims and provocations in the future.

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