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Today's society has become so The computerizedth, in fact, that it is impossible to imagine any average house (family), which would not be a personal computer. The fact that twenty years ago, it was the prerogative of businesses today is in every house, and in large quantities. PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and many other works about the technicalprogress, society is so flooded that without them we can not do either at home or at work. Personal computer - this is a means of realizing their creative ideas or work, as well as a means of entertainment and leisure activities. Naturally, this equipment is rather complicated, both technically and intellectually, (do not compare with myasorubkoy) and therefore requires specific knowledge and skills to configure and use. And of course it is clear that sooner or later, as well as any mechanism (particularly difficult), the PC is subject to various breakdowns, as a purely technical nature, and in terms of equipment failures. It is clear that in this case will require the necessary diagnostic and repair work to eliminate the cause of a breakdown or failure. This will require personnel with the necessary theoretical and practical skills, as well as the necessary equipment and facilities. By the way high-quality repair and diagnostics PC provides ISS experts. Generally, the full range of PC repair can be divided into afterfollowing groups by type of work performed:

  • physical repair and replacement of components (such as block and peripheral). Carried out in the case of mechanical failure (eg blown cord or elements operating cost) or the need to replace equipment more productive;
  • removal and recovery software. Held in the case of system failure, data loss, shortage (or absence) of the required drivers etc.;
  • installation and configuration of peripheral equipment and software. Performed when connected to a PC, the so-called laneiferiynogo equipment (printer, webcam, etc.), or installing new software (programs, games, etc.).

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